Unbelievable: Samsung uses Apple Watch images in patent filing

As the old saying goes: “Against facts, there are no arguments.” This also extends to the constant evidence that appears here and there showing that the Samsung copies Apple in the face. It is not “Fanboyzismo”, are facts. And, as if it weren’t enough to be on trial at the Supreme Court for a copy of the iPhone design, files from a recent South Korean patent filing show Apple Watch images used as an example.

05-samsung-apple-watch-patent2Apple Watch drawings as an example in the patent [clique para ir ao site]

From the images, the document explains: “Figures 10A to 10F and 11A to 11F are visions illustrating different shapes, structures and materials of a first or second wave of wearable bracelets (wearable) in accordance with what is incorporated in this disclosure. ”

Samsung Apple Watch PatentMore Apple Watch designs as an example in the patent [clique para ir ao site]

The patent refers to a wearable device and contains, in addition to drawings both of Samsung’s own products, others that are very similar to the Apple Watch marketing material.

It is definitely not a coincidence:

Samsung Apple Watch PatentApple Watch marketing material [esquerda]; design registered in Samsung’s patent [direita]

Yes, Samsung, if you continue like this, you will soon receive another “letter” for infringement of another patent… ?

[via Patently Apple, Business Insider]