Non-compliance with portability requests

Unanswered portability requests decrease sharply

Anacom today issued a press release reporting a significant decrease in cases of non-compliance with deadlines, in situations where a customer changes operator and intends to keep the same phone number.

In September last year, Anacom announced that it had instituted 16 administrative offense proceedings for non-compliance with the legislation in force in this matter, which resulted in the lack of response from the operator that loses the customer to a number portability request, sent electronically. by the new operator.

By delaying a subscriber’s right to change operator, this lack of response constitutes a violation of the portability regulation (referred to as timeout).

According to the new data, “the rate of timeout since September 2010 has been progressively and consistently falling to 0.5 percent in December.

In a chart provided by the regulator, which we reproduce below, the default rate related to portability requests has dropped more significantly since October last year.

In December, the success rate for portability requests was slightly above 80 percent.

Non-compliance with portability requests