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UKTools – A new tool to manage Linux kernel versions in Ubuntu and derivatives.

If you are looking for a tool to manipulate various versions of the kernel in your Ubuntu and its derivatives, your search has just ended for UKTools.

Today you will know a new tool for you to install Kernels on Ubuntu and its derivatives easily.

How to manage Ubuntu Kernel

If you need a tool to manage and change the Ubuntu Kernel version or its derivatives, we present UKTools for that.

Earlier here on the blog, we have already posted two Ukuu tools and a Script to do this, and now we will introduce one more.

This tool works via the terminal, but it is not a seven-headed animal as you can imagine. =)

UKTools has two kernel management commands, uktools-upgrade and uktools-purge.

The first one (uktools-upgrade) has the function of installing the latest stable release released on kernel.ubuntu

Already the second command (uktools-purge) has the function of removing the old versions of the kernel.

To use UKTools we will have to run two little commands in the terminal, as it is not yet in the Ubuntu repositories.

The software is on GitHub, so let's download it using the git command and then compile ::

sudo apt install git

git clone https://github/usbkey9/uktools && cd uktools


To uninstall UKTools is simple too. Just leave his folder in / (root), as soon as you want to run it again, you just have to browse to the folder, or uninstall that case here. The command for this:

cd ~ / uktools / && make uninstall

The cool thing about the "Linux world" is the variety of tools to do a certain task, so we can choose the one that suits us best.

Until next time, strong hug.

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