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Ubuntu wins Kernel build for AMD graphics cards with built-in AMDGPU DC driver

Anyone in a hurry to get support for some new AMD technologies can use this trial package.

AMD video card owners of newer architectures will be able to use a specific AMDGPU driver kernel embedded in Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

AMDGPU Ubuntu Kernel I learned today about something very interesting through from the Phoronix website, We now have a Linux kernel for Ubuntu with support for the AMDGPU DC driver pre-installed, the package seems to have been made by the site maintainers themselves. This AMDGPU DC driver supports a number of new AMD technologies and is entering Kernel 4.12.x, which is not yet on Ubuntu by default. The "DC display code" provides HDMI / Display Port support for the company's modern cards, as well as support for HDMI 2.0, Radeon Vega support, atomic mode setting and a few other things. This is an experimental package that you can test at your own risk by simply downloading the .deb here.

If you don't feel safe making more advanced adjustments like this, we know that many blog readers are new to the system kernel, simply NO FAA! These adjustments made to this experimental package should enter the Ubuntu Kernel in the future of course. If you are not in a hurry to use them, you can cross your arms and click on the next article.

See you next time!

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