Ubuntu Touch increasingly compatible and functional, check out what's new

Check out the latest news about Ubuntu Touch, released by UBports.

According to what was reported by the Ubuntu Touch team in their last Q&A session, the system received several improvements, including compatibility with two more smartphone models, and was also successfully installed and running on a Raspberry Pi 3. .

ubuntu-touch "border =" 0 "date-original-height =" 450 "date-original-width =" 800 "height =" 360 "src =" https://1.bp.blogspot/-7bIZrkNnuFw/ Xd_YcVIHkNI / AAAAAAAADgI / WDThVWDoVcYlu7LU4K2y2Vt9ggrACHWEACLcBGAsYHQ / s640 / ubuntu-touch-news.webp "title =" Ubuntu Touch is increasingly compatible and functional, check out the news The staff of the UBports, an organization responsible for the development of Ubuntu Touch, makes a live stream of questions and answers on YouTube, where the progress of the project development is announced. In this live stream, in addition to answering questions from people from various parts of the world, the team also reports what were the news implemented in recent days.

Last time the event was held, the team reported two more smartphone models that were on the list of officially Ubuntu Touch compatible devices, namely Pine Phone and PINE64's Volla Phone. In addition, the team did a live demo of the system running on a Raspberry Pi 3 using the official Raspberry Pi project 7 LCD screen.

Raspberry Pi devices are maturing quite rapidly as development platforms, and will make developing applications for Ubuntu Touch more affordable for a much larger base. This makes a big difference, as for the first time we will be able to create a true development platform for Ubuntu Touch. told UBports.

UBports members also reported that upcoming updates will also bring better compatibility with bluetooth headsets, and said that the Mir graphics server, developed by Canonical (the Ubuntu developer), can now run on Wayland via the Wayland protocol. .

Answering questions from subscribers, the team said that for now there are no plans to port the Ubuntu Touch base to Ubuntu's next LTS, version 20.04, which will be released in April 2020. Given the speed with which things happen in the world It is technology-wise, five months, that the time left for Ubuntu 20.04 to be released, quite a while, for now there is no need to upgrade to the base version of Ubuntu Touch. There are more urgent things to implement and fix.

Next you check the full live stream record in which the news was announced.

The next question and answer session should be held by the UBports team on their YouTube channel, next Saturday (30), at 16:00 hours (Brasilia time).

Seeing the weekly news announced by the UBports team, I am looking forward to testing the system. And that's for sure what I will do once I have a spare smartphone to install Ubuntu Touch. In addition, we also have Plasma Mobile, which as we report in this article, is also under constant development, and better every day.

I still don't believe that both Ubuntu Touch and Mobile Plasma become mainstream systems, and grab a good chunk of the market. But I'm sure there may be viable alternatives to Android and iOS for many people in the short to medium term.

What do you think about the mobile operating system scene? Do you think Ubuntu Touch, or even Plasma Mobile has a chance to become good alternatives? Do you intend to test them? Tell me more in the comments!

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