Ubuntu Studio 12.04

Ubuntu Studio is a Linux distribution designed for multimedia authoring and editing professionals, containing various applications in this area. This system takes full advantage of the original Ubuntu, such as accessibility and reliability, plus its multimedia environment.Go professional in multimedia tools

Although the focus of this distribution is professionals in the area, Ubuntu Studio is also very useful for users who want to learn how to use editing tools such as audio creation, DVD editing in chapters, art development in image editors, etc.

In this way, with a single system installed, a common user, after a while, can become aware of existing editing technologies in Ubuntu Studio, and in the near future, can work in the area.

Tools included

Among the included tools, we can highlight:

  • audio: Ardor, Audacity, Hydrogen, JACK Audio Connection Kit, JAMin, LilyPond, Mixxx, MusE, Rosegarden, TiMidity ++;
  • Image: GIMP, Kino, Stopmotion, VLC media player;
  • Video: Agave, Blender, Enblend, FontForge, PiTiVi, Inkscape, Scribus, Synfig.

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