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Ubuntu Snap Packages Now Support Android

Android can use Snap packages too

SnapCraft Ubuntu on Android

This week Canonical released the new version of Snapd, the utility that allows the manipulation of Snap packages in Linux distributions and among the many new features, one of them stands out, the compatibility with Android, allowing the Google system to also run bundled applications. in Snap.

The perspective that this opens very interesting. First, Snap applications are cross platform, Then desktop programs could (theoretically) be played for Android, while respecting the necessary adaptations, but in addition, Android Apps themselves can be distributed in this way.

Once there is a demand for Snap app delivery for Android, Canonical's Snap Store can become more prominent simply because it is "already working," but of course, nothing prevents developers from creating their own "Snaps Store." "

There are other interesting news, you can check all the changes that Snapd 2.27 brought consulting the official information from Canonical developers of the SnapCraft thymus.

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