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Ubuntu 19.10 will get new version of 'Yaru' theme

Canonical listens to users and Ubuntu gets a new variation on the 'Yaru' theme in verse 19.10.

For many years Ubuntu has defaulted to a theme called Ambiance. Originated in verse 10.10, the theme lasted until verse 18.04. Of course, over the years the theme has undergone several updates and changes, but none that have significantly changed the visual aspect of the system.


In the eyes of many, using the same theme for nearly eight years has made the look of the distro dated and old-fashioned, which, especially in the later years of the Ambiance as a standard, it generated a lot of community complaints. However, even with years and years of community complaints and requests for a new theme, Canonical insisted on maintaining the good old Ambiance, apparently not caring much about users' requests.

From version 17.10 Canonical leaves Unity and uses GNOME Shell again as the default Ubuntu interface. Everyone imagined that with a change of this level, a new theme would finally arrive. "Just not" Just after about a year, in version 18.10 Ubuntu launches the long-awaited new theme. We are talking about Yaru.

'Ambiance' theme in Ubuntu 10.10.
'Ambiance' theme in Ubuntu 17.04.
'Yaru' theme in Ubuntu 19.04.

Even after so much delay and expectation, unlike Chinese Democracy, the Yaru It did not disappoint. In working with the community, Canonical was able to create a modern theme that pleased most, and that did not make the system's visual identity lost.

The standard version of Yaru It has a white background with grayscale headerbars, as nothing pleases everyone, over time complaints and suggestions for changes in certain aspects of the theme began to emerge. To the surprise of many, contrary to its history, Canonical is listening to the community about it. And after the request of users in a bug report, the next version of Ubuntu, 19.10, will come with a new standard version of the theme. Yaru.

New variation of the 'Yaru' theme to be released on Ubuntu 19.10.

The problem reported in bug report This is a bug that makes it difficult to see steel buttons on dark headerbars. Several users were complaining about the lack of contrast between the headerbar and the action buttons.

THE Yaru, actually a modified version of the theme Adwaita GNOME project, and this modification will make it more similar to the default GNOME Shell theme. The modification consists in inverting the color of the headerbars, making them white. What in general should

fix this bug and improve system usability.

Current 'Yaru' theme vs. new version.

At first, in Ubuntu version 19.10, only the new version of the theme will be available. Yaru, with the white headerbars, and the Yaru Dark, with all the dark grayscale interface. However, the idea is that in version 20.04 the current variation with only dark headerbars will come back and be another available option. In parallel with the new white variation and the Yaru Dark.

THE Yaru Dark Also undergo some modifications in this new version of Ubuntu. Nothing compared to the changes in the clear version, but still getting a significant improvement, increasing visual consistency with changes in the grayscale of the backgrounds, and some buttons.

As the theme 'Yaru Dark' in Ubuntu 19.04.
How to be the theme 'Yaru Dark' in Ubuntu 19.10.

What did you think of the new look of themes Yaru and 'Yaru Dark'? Do you think making white headerbars really improve the view of steel buttons? Will the change improve the visual aspect of the theme? Comment and tell us what you think. :]

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