Ubuntu 19.10 Beta is officially released

Next Ubuntu's beta is now released so people can test and give feedback to Canonical.

Following the development schedule, Ubuntu 19.10's freeze Beta released with promised news that can be tested by users. Ubuntu 19.10 Beta officially released

As we reported in some articles regarding Ubuntu 19.10, it would come with a lot of news and that they would pave a lot of things that would come in Ubuntu's next LTS, version 20.04.

the news that comes only:

GNOME 3.34;

Kernel 5.3;

New Yaru theme, now featuring light and dark modes;

Faster boot with ZFS;

NVIDIA Driver already in version 435.21

Mesa Driver 19.1.6, may be updated to version 19.2;

About NVIDIA drivers, as we have already commented on the Diolinux Friday Show and some articles, Ubuntu and its flavors will bring the proprietary drivers to the system's own ISO, thus making life easier for people using the company's GPUs. For Hybrid people (like me) the On-Demand option, which would do about the same function as the "late" Bumblebee, is enabled. If you install MATE Optimus, it will come with the offload-glx and offload-vulkan variables enabled, allowing you to use the dedicated GPU only when necessary, such as playing on Steam. Also new about NVIDIA drivers, they received updates directly from the official Ubuntu repositories, so they no longer need the addition of PPA. They will be signed by NVIDIA itself, thus ensuring that if you want to use with UEFI and Boot Secure you will have no problems.

To download the ISO from Ubuntu 19.10 beta, just click here. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

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