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Ubuntu 19.10 available for download at an early stage

Ubuntu 19.04 has just been released, and Canonical is already working on its next version, Ubuntu 19.10.

Released a short time ago, access our coverage of Ubuntu 19.04, Ubuntu seems to be attracting again glances at the changes it has been promoting. The long-awaited Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is approaching, however intermediate versions should be released, 19.04 that is squandering changes, as the eyes begin to glimpse Ubuntu 19.10. ubuntu19.10-eoan-daily-build At Daily builds Ubuntu 19.10 are already available for testing, of course as these are daily versions, any bugs are expected.

At this early stage Ubuntu 19.10 will not have any apparent changes compared to its predecessor 19.04, however over the months this disparity can become easily apparent.

Ubuntu 19.10 in initial development

Without a confirmed release date, if it follows the logic of the rest, a beta release should be released by mid-October, Ubuntu 19.10 at least has a codename. We know the next letter will be E after the Ubuntu 19.04 D (Dingo Disk).

At first Ubuntu 19.10 is being based on its newly released version, accompanying Kernel 5.0 and Gnome-Shell 3.32, but it is known that version 19.10 will be released with Gnome-Shell 3.34.

As the latest version, before 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 19.10 is eagerly awaited by system users.

Ubuntu 19.10 Download

Be aware that this version is a daily build in early development. If you want to download Ubuntu 19.10, install it on a virtual machine or some test computer. Never do this in a production environment. Given the caveats, feel free to download and test Ubuntu 19.10.

  Download Daily Build Ubuntu 19.10

Are you looking forward to Ubuntu 19.10? At the moment the only part of your code name we know the adjective Eoan, the name of the animal is still a mystery.

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