Ubuntu 19.04 reaches the end of its life cycle later this month, update now!

The support time for Ubuntu 19.04 is running out, take advantage of our tips and upgrade now to the new version!

The excellent 19.04 version of Ubuntu is coming to the end of its useful life this month. If you are using this version of the system, do not waste time and upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 now!


The 19.04 version of Ubuntu brought many improvements, compared to its predecessors, it was undoubtedly the best version of the system released since the abandonment of Unity, until then. The superiority of the system compared to LTS 18.04 has meant that a large number of users have adopted it as the main system, but someday everything has its end.

Ubuntu has two main types of releases, the LTS versions, which have a five-year support and are released every two years. And the intermediate versions, which have a nine-month support and are released every six months in the time spaces between the LTS versions.

Ubuntu 19.04, despite being an excellent version, an intermediate version, with its support about to end on the next 23 (January / 2020).

But what does the end of support mean? Will my system stop working?

The system will continue to function normally, but no updates will be released for the version as of this date. Without updates, especially security updates, the system becomes more and more vulnerable every day, and the chances of bugs occurring and even suffering attacks from malicious software become increasingly greater.

Using a system that has already spent its support time is not recommended under any circumstances, so it is best to upgrade your system to the next version, which in this case is at 19.10 or so to do a clean install of Ubuntu or another system of your choice.

How to upgrade to the next version?

O Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is coming in April this year, with five more years of support and several improvements, and another great advantage of using version 19.10 is that it will be possible to perform an update to the new LTS, it is not necessary to format the machine and perform a clean installation. Do you like Linux and technology? Do you have any questions or problems that you cannot solve? Come and be part of our community in the forum Diolinux Plus!

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