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Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS is in our midst, download it now !!!

The first major update on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS came on July 26th last year (2018), bringing bug fixes, improvements, news and improvements to the system interface. As we reported last week, the second major update would arrive on February 14th. Check out.

This update brought some changes in the system, and the main ones were:

Nautilus 3.26.4GNOME Shell 3.28.3Kernel Linux 4.18.0-15

We can see that some of the changes that we thought would come did come, such as a new version of Kernel and an updated version of GNOME, not being 3.30 as we expected, but nothing that future updates won't do.

Other improvements were:

Corrections of installation errors;

Bug fixes;

Desktop-related correes such as Xorg, GNOME, Nautilus and etc;

Kernel Support Improvements to Newer Hardware;

End of 32-bit architecture support.

If you want to see all the improvements implemented in Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, you can go to this link and check it out.

Download the ISO from the new Ubuntu, just click on the image below

Hope to see you next post, big hug.

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