Ubuntu 12.10 will have a Gnome version

, it seems that after much complaint Canonical decided to bring Gnome back to Ubuntu. But calm down, don't jump for joy yet, that doesn't mean Unity will be dropped and Gnome will be the default desktop again.

The announcement was made during the first Ubuntu Developer Summit of this year, in which mention was made of the creation of a new derivation of Ubuntu, as well as Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, now a version with the standard Gnome Desktop would be developed. Unity and enter the Gnome Shell.

The unnamed official version will already be present in the next version of Ubuntu 12.10. Some names have already been cited, such as: GNOME OS, GNObuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, UbuGNOME, or GNOME Ubuntu. The most obvious, at least for me, would be Gubuntu, but I think this is not possible, due to the already extinct Gobuntu, an old version of Ubuntu that only contained free packages. As the names are very similar, it is likely that Gubuntu will not be chosen.

In addition to the Unity exit, this version of Ubuntu with Gnome will have some different applications and features than its main distro, such as: Exit LibreOffice and enter Abiword and Gnumeric instead, rather than the default theme, most likely that we have Adwaita in its place and maybe Evolution gets in the place of Thunderbird.

For now everything is still very cool, but for the most optimistic the light at the end of the tunnel, especially if it is to say goodbye to Unity. In my opinion, Canonical took a long time to bring this option to and its users.

I just want to see what they will do if this version is more loved than the Unity version, have you ever imagined UbuGNOME overtook Ubuntu in Distrowatchs?