Ubuntu 12.10 starts to look different

The changes are quite pleasing to the eye, even at the beginning of the development process. The most significant change found in Ubuntu's standard file manager, Nautilus. The changes include a cleaner look and fatter buttons, which use and abuse gradients here and there, which combined, make for a beautiful look.

Ubuntu 12.10 Ambiance Theme

The side area has also been improved, and now uses monochrome icons, although it is not yet complete. Even with the future of the file manager on Ubuntu being uncertain, as in recent versions the GNOME development team has been taking essential options for any user, It looked great with these modifications, and certainly better than it was in the Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3 release.

When navigating through the system options we can see many interesting modifications. The right mouse button now has a dark, consistent background, which I liked a lot.

Ubuntu 12.10 Visual Changes

More beautiful checkboxes and gradient effect tabs are some of the new features of Ubuntu 12.10Checkboxes have also received special attention and now offer a very nice look, bringing the characteristic orange of Ubuntu to a fuller form.


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