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Ubuntu 11.10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts (Be more productive)Using the panel and the lanadorPress goal: Opens the bar. Tap again to close. * The panel opens with focus on the search box used to find applications and files. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the results. Press Enter to launch.Hold Goal: Display the lanador.Goal + 1: Starts the laner's first item or switches to it if it is already running. If Shift is also pressed, a new window will open.Goal + 2: Starts the lanter's second item or switches to it if it is already running. This pattern continues until Goal + 0, which opens the tenth item.Alt + F1: Open the lanador. Use the arrow keys to navigate and Enter to start or switch to an application.Alt + F2: Opens the panel in a special mode to run commands you type. Press Enter to execute the current command. You can also use the arrow keys to choose a different command and press Enter to execute it.Goal + A: Opening application lenses.Goal + F: Opens the lens of files and folders.Goal + T: Open the trash.Ctrl + Alt + T: Open the terminal.Alt: Display the application menu. Alt + F opens the file menu.F10: Open the menu. Use the arrow keys to navigate. You can also access the indicator menus.

Knowing the work environmentAlt + F4: Close the current window.Alt + F10: Maximize the current window. If the window is already maximized, undo its maximization.Alt + Tab: Quickly switch between windows. Hold Shift to go in the opposite order.Goal + D: Hides all windows and shows the desktop. Press again to restore your windows.Goal + S: Activates the window switcher. Reduces the size of all workspaces.Goal + W: Activates the "Expo" mode. Shows all windows of all workspaces.Shift + Alt +: Activates the "Expo" mode. Shows all windows in this workspace.Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys: Switch between workspaces.Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Arrow keys: Move current window to another workspaceCtrl + Alt + L: Lock screen.

Common Edit ShortcutsCtrl + A: Select all text or items in a list.Ctrl + X: Cut (remove) selected text or items and place them in the clipboard.Ctrl + C: Copy selected text or items to the clipboard.Ctrl + V: Paste the contents of the transfer area.Ctrl + Z: Undoes the last action.

Capturing from screenPrint Screen: Take a screenshot.Alt + Print Screen: Capture the active window screen.

* Target (Super) the Windows symbol key.Source