Uber launches “tuk-tuk” in Brazil, service starts in Vitória-ES

Uber launches tuk-tuk in Brazil, service starts in Vitria-ES

Uber recently announced that it is implementing a new mode of transportation in Brazil, the "Tuk-tuk", a vehicle widely used in India, for example. Its structure can have two, three or even four wheels and usually has a roof, but with open sides.

The Tuk-tuk known by several names, but the most famous probably rickshaw. The original structure of the rickshaw was a two-wheeled cart pulled by a man. In the twentieth century, new versions with pedals or engines will appear and they became more and more popular. It is currently possible to find them on the Asian, African and South American continents.

Uber deploys the Tuk-tuk with 3 wheels and electric motor in Vitria-ES

In Brazil, Uber deploys the Tuk-tuk with 3 wheels, two behind and one in the front. The city chosen for the debut of the new service mode Vitria, in the state of Esprito Santo. Their values ​​have not yet been revealed, but the company guarantees that they will be below those charged when traveling with cars.

Altogether there will be 20 Tuk-tuks spread throughout the municipality. It is interesting to note that Uber chose to bring them with an electric motor, to avoid the emission of polluting gases. The vehicles will be available for use in the Mata da Praia, Jardim da Penha, Santa Lcia and Santa Helena neighborhoods.

To order a "tuk-tuk" to get around, just use the same Uber app that is available to order cars or the Uber Eats service. The user can also choose to pay by card or cash.

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