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Uber for Driver: 5 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of Racing App

Being an Uber has opened many doors for many people, both men and women. It's a way to earn extra money every month or even a person's only source of income. The racing app has helped and helped a lot of people, both the driver who earns his money and the passenger who pays less for the service with greater comfort. However, just like any other job, Uber for drivers has advantages and disadvantages. See now what they are:


Advantages of being Uber

See 5 Uber Driver Benefits. Do not waste time and have your account, either at Uber Eats or others. Understand how Uber works, how to become a driver, which cars are accepted in the Uber app and all the advantages of being a partner driver and registering correctly. See special information for drivers below.

1 – You have more freedom to work

The biggest advantage of the driver racing app is the freedom to make their own schedules. If you have another profession, for example, you can act as a Uber partner in your spare time.

Here's what Uber types are available and how to use them!

Many people end up having a busy life because they have to meet strict entry and exit times. If you have something personal to solve, just decide to work later. Just get online in the app. You just need to get organized between your hours to work for Uber and make money.

You can make your schedule and head to the places to start the first race if you want.

2 – Receive weekly

No squeezing at the end of the month! With Uber the driver can track all his winnings and receive his money weekly. For some partners, using Flex Play you can transfer money to your account whenever you need it.

3 – Uber driver has discounts

No car? You can rent one with up to 50% off the monthly amount. This is because the company has an advantage program to assist its partners.

There are also discounts on fuel and also on the maintenance of your vehicle. Just check which partners are available in your city. You have your registration in a big way to improve your working conditions, all without just a Uber partner.

Click here to learn more about how the Uber Eats service works!

To be a driver you need to be connected using a smartphone. That's why partners have discounts on the purchase of mobile devices and also on the subscription plan to have internet.

4 – All help straight in the app

Even if you don't know every corner of the city, you can be a partner. This is because the application has a function where it shows the possible paths to reach such a destination. Just pick one and follow. In emergencies you can use the service channels.

5 – Earn more

It is possible to earn more according to the demand and the distance traveled. Each trip has a base value that changes from city to city according to some factors. However, the higher the demand for passengers, the greater the value of the race. Consequently, it increases the partner's income.

Disadvantages of being Uber

Uber driver

Since not all are flowers, see the disadvantages of being Uber:

1 – Uber does not provide cars

To become a driver you must have a car according to the specifications of each type of service offered. It is not necessary to take a course, however I go through a rigorous approval process. All vehicles must be insured to cover the passenger.

The driver needs to take care of expenses with maintenance, insurance, fuel, cleaning the vehicle and also water, candy and other things he wants to offer the passenger.

2 – High competition

In big cities the gigantic competition. So many people using the racing app for a living. When the passenger requests a race, he sees which drivers are closest and can choose one.

High competition also decreases your earnings, after all, when you have plenty of cars available for a few passengers, the value of the race decreases, also reducing the net value that the partner receives.

3 – No fixed salary

Despite providing good income, the Uber driver has no fixed salary. The amount received weekly varies according to the time he worked and also how many races he did. Added to the high competition, it can be difficult to get good races.

In addition, the partner acts as a self-employed person, so is not entitled to vacation, FGTS, 13 and other benefits that stable work provides.

For those who are thinking of being a driver Uber need to put on paper if it is worth or not for you. Take into account that it will be necessary to include EAR information, to have a good smartphone with a good internet plan and also a suitable vehicle.