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Uber Eats Unveils Its Advanced Six-Propeller Delivery Drone

The delivery company Uber Eats presented its advanced delivery drone, which comes with six propellers for greater speed and efficiency as well as to allow vertical landings and takeoffs (VTOL). The presentation went on during the event 30 under 30 Summit gives Forbes, and saw a different aircraft demonstrated than had been speculated by The Wall street journal few days ago


Company is creating a custom drone especially for food deliveries

Representatives of the firm took the time to unveil their plans to deliver food from urban aircraft. According to them, the drone will not be responsible for the complete delivery process. Instead, he should make the connection between the restaurant and a Uber Eats delivery clerk.

The idea is that the drone lands on the roof of the car and that the delivery man picks up the food from there to actually deliver to the end consumer. The Uber Eats drone has rotatable wings that are critical to vertical takeoff and landing functions.

The unmanned aircraft can carry up to a two-person meal and fly for up to eight minutes which includes the time to load and unload food. During these minutes of flight, the drone can fly up to 29km at best. According to the website Drone DJ, a more realistic perspective for round trips would be a range of 19km.

To manage the drone network, Uber Eats will use the system Elevate Cloud Systems to manage and track the operation completely. This even includes the drone flying behind the scenes of the operation. The company's plans are to get the first drone to fly before the end of the year. The first food deliveries are expected to take place in early winter 2020 (between June and September).

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