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Uber Eats: Everything you need to know about the app

There are many food delivery apps today, but one of the best known and most used Uber Eats. Part of its popularity is, of course, due to Uber's main transport service. It is a great alternative to ordering your meals, working as a delivery boy or even registering your restaurant and reaching new potential customers.

Whatever your intention, of course I need to have more knowledge about the app and how it works in general. To help you with this and get all your questions answered, we have prepared a complete guide. Everything you need to know about Uber Eats can be found below!

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1. What is Uber Eats for?

uber eats

As we mentioned, Uber Eats is Uber's food delivery service. As with other apps of this type, you choose the establishment that suits you best, place your order and a Uber Eats delivery picks it up and takes you to your destination.

Just like Uber's normal passenger service, you can track the race, give the deliveryman extra value, evaluate the delivery boy and each item that has been ordered individually.

Also worth mentioning is that besides just using it to order food, you can use the app to be a delivery boy if you want to make extra money.

2. How to work with Uber Eats?

Working with Uber Eats as a delivery is a very simple process. You only have to fulfill some requirements and register through the official app or the Uber website.

With that done, just wait for confirmation from the company about your approval. As with normal Uber service, you work at your own time and can always book your availability.

Orders near your location will appear and you can select which deliveries you want to make. Many couriers end up taking more than one order at a time, which turns out to be more efficient if they are on a similar route.

3. What are the requirements for working at Uber Eats?

As we just mentioned, you have to meet certain requirements to work on Uber Eats. According to the company's own website, you can perform delivery if you have a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle with which to perform each job.

In the case of cars and motorcycles, I need to have a valid driver's license and the option “Exercise paid activity” marked on it. You must also have the valid Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate, either in Natural or Legal.

For bicycles, I need to submit CNH, RG and CPF, at least 18 years old. Other than that, once it's already approved, it's always good to make careful deliveries to earn good grades from customers.

4. How much does the Uber Eats delivery man earn?

In general, the deliveryman's gain depends on three fees: pick-up, delivery, and rate per mile driven. Until recently, the values ​​were as follows:

  • Order Withdrawal: $ 1.20
  • Order Delivery: R $ 1,40
  • Fee of km traveled: R $ 1,10

In addition to normal earnings, Uber Eats also makes special promos with extra winnings on successful deliveries and conditional on platform terms and conditions. These values ​​vary from city to city, ranging from 15 to 20 reais.

5. How to register restaurant at Uber Eats?

uber eats deliverers

Of course, you don't have to work as a delivery boy only if you're interested in Uber Eats. You can also register your restaurant if you want people to order from the app.

The registration process is relatively simple, as you simply enter certain data into the Uber website form. The problem is that this does not guarantee that you will be approved as a service partner.

To be more specific, you will need to enter your restaurant name and other details, number of locations and an estimate of delivery orders per week.

According to Uber, if restaurant operations are consistent with the dynamics of what they expect for the app, they will contact the establishment.

6. How to have in-app discount coupon

A very good thing about the Uber delivery app that they have a lot of discount coupons. Unlike apps like iFood, Uber distributes coupons every month to all its customers.

Some of the 50% off, others guarantee free delivery and others even get free items on a restaurant menu. Other than that, you can also get $ 5 off if your friends use a special code from you on their first order in the app.

Except for the special code you can share, discount coupons are sent by Uber Eats itself. In general, you can receive them both in your email and on your mobile phone via SMS.

7. Is there a tip for the couriers?

Fortunately, just like in normal Uber, Eats deliverers can also be tipped for every delivery they make. But of course it depends entirely on who made and ordered the food.

Overall, deliver quickly, be friendly and answer customer questions which can guarantee you a tip. After all, you end up having a very limited interaction with the customer, which lessens the reasons for tipping you.

It is worth mentioning that the tip can be given in cash by the customer. In such cases, the delivery man can accept the tip without problems.

If you tip directly from the app, it will take about an hour to appear to the delivery man. This standard Uber procedure is true of all requests.

8. What if something goes wrong on delivery?

Whether or not, people who work deliveries can always end up encountering a problem or unforeseen down the road. This can happen through traffic, some accident or even because the restaurant was unable to prepare the order in time.

All of this can hinder your delivery and cause you to exceed the maximum expected time for it. Or worse, it may not even be able to deliver such an order.

If this ever happens, there are some actions you can take:

  • Contact the customer
  • Contact the restaurant
  • Contact Uber Eats

This will depend too much on the situation, but everyone's contact can be found in the app itself. At worst you may end up getting a bad customer review, which can be reviewed with Uber depending on what really happened.

9. What cities rely on service?

It's also important to think about what cities Uber Eats is available in before thinking about ordering something, becoming a delivery boy, or registering an establishment there. The app grows every day in Brazil and can be found in various cities of the country.

Currently it can be found in: Aracaju, Belm, Belo Horizonte, Boa Vista, Braslia, Cabo Frio, Campina Grande, Campinas, Campo Grande, Caxias do Sul, Cuiab, Curitiba, Florianpolis, Fortaleza, Goinia, Itaja, Joo Pessoa, Joinville, Juiz de Fora, Londrina, Macap, Macei, Manaus, Christmas, Palms, Porto Alegre, Porto Velho, Recife, Ribeiro Preto, Rio Branco, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Santos, So Jos do Rio Preto, So Jos dos Campos , So Luis, So Paulo, Sorocaba, Teresina, Uberaba, Uberlndia and Vitria.

This number is expected to increase from now on. So if the app is not yet available in your city, keep an eye out for future updates.

10. Advantages

delivery by uber

Overall from what we could see, Uber's delivery service has many advantages. Whether you are a regular user, a delivery boy or an app partner restaurant.

For consumers, there is the advantage of order tracking, individual driver review of each item ordered and constant discount coupons.

For deliverers, there is the ability to make multiple simultaneous deliveries, earn extra amounts from successful deliveries, tip customers, work at any time, in-app navigation instructions and accident insurance.

Of course, partner restaurants can reach a larger audience. In general, people who would never know your establishment may be interested, place orders and even visit the place if they like the food.

11. Disadvantages

Overall, the biggest disadvantages of Uber Eats end up being on the delivery side. At slower ordering times, you may end up getting a value that doesn't make up for your hours worked.

Other than that, any traffic problems or delays on the part of the restaurant may end up with the delivery man.

Of course, these are factors to consider when starting to work with the app. Still, they are minor details compared to the advantages. This is especially true if you know what hours to work on and which establishments do not delay orders.

For those who buy, there are two major disadvantages. The first is that the quality of food when delivered at home is often not the same as when you eat in the restaurant. The fact that the food is several hours riding a motorcycle ends up removing quality.

Another downside is that not all dishes available in restaurants appear at Uber Eats. Restaurants select which options are available in the app, so you may be missing out on some tasty dishes if you just use the app to try this restaurant.

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What did you think of Uber Eats?

Did you take our guide to learn more about Uber Eats and what it has to offer? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the delivery service and if there is another aspect you would like to see here.