Uber confirms it will acquire Postmates to complement Uber Eats service

Uber confirms it will acquire Postmates to complement Uber Eats service

Uber will acquire the American Postmates, in a business that reaches 2.65 billion dollars. With the acquisition of the American company of local delivery services in the United States, the multinational intends to complement the solutions of Uber Eats in the country and give a better response to the communities of each region. The transaction is expected to close in 2021.

After several news reports refer to a possible deal between the two companies, the announcement comes this Monday from Uber. In a statement, the American multinational, a provider of electronic services in the area of ​​transportation and also present in Portugal, considers that Postmates is complementary to the Uber Eats service, with "areas of geographic focus and demographic information from customers".

The American company also highlights the strong connection with the most typical regional restaurants and the fact that Postmates was "a pioneer in deliveries as services". In this sense, Uber considers that it will supplement the company's growing efforts in this area.

What will change with estaaquisio?

Postmates and Uber together will offer more tools and technology to connect more easily and economically to a larger consumer base. Customers will also benefit from a greater choice of restaurants in the United States, as will Uber Eats employees, who will have more opportunities to earn more money ".