Android used by American soldiers

U.S. Special Operations Command plans to switch Android devices to iPhones

After our political-tech article showing the president of Turkey using FaceTime to give an interview, the American army is likely to help Apple do more big advertising. This is because, according to the website DoD Buzz (focused on military news), soldiers from United States Special Operations Command will exchange their Android devices for iPhones.

According to a source from the army itself – who preferred not to be identified – the soldiers will be awarded iPhones 6s and what they called iPhone Tactical Assault Kit (iTAC). Working similarly to what they used previously, the Android Tactical Assault Kit, he connects his smartphone to a radio with which unit leaders track soldiers’ positions on the map, as well as connect to intelligence and reconnaissance tools like drone videos.

Android used by American soldiers

As there was no confirmation from the army itself, the reason for the decision cannot be stated. However, one of the reasons may be the lack of reliability of devices with the Google operating system. The source reports that the Samsung device used by soldiers frequently freezes, making it necessary to restart it. This problem happens mainly when they need to split the screen to show the route of a unit and the images of a drone. Already referring to the Apple device, they indicated that everything “runs perfectly” and described the experience as “faster”, “smoother” and rated the graphics as being “clear” and “unbelievable”.

Even if the change is confirmed, this would not be the first time the army has used an Apple device. For example, iPod touch was once widely used by snipers (the famous Snipers), working as handheld computers.

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