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Two ways to watch YouTube videos in the background on Android

For those who like to listen to music on YouTube or listen to something without draining too much battery of your smartphone knows the difficulty to do these things with the screen on. But let's teach two tricks now that I will solve this problem!

I confess that for me these solutions came in handy. I like to sleep with the sound of some relaxing videos, but I really don't need the screen on, and I don't like the bright light in the dark room, even at the slightest brightness. I am using these tips now.

Using Telegram

If you already use Telegram messenger in your daily life, you can combine the useful with the pleasant with this tip. Through app, you can only listen to your favorite videos. Follow the steps.

youtube telegram
Your personal chat is always useful on Telegram / AndroidPIT
  1. Get the desired video link
  2. Login to Telegram and send the link to yourself (or a friend)
  3. In chat, click on the video, which starts playing inside the app itself
  4. Minimize the app and you're done, you can do something else, and even erase the screen.

Using Chrome

If you don't use Telegram and don't want to download it just for that, we'll use Chrome, which is right on almost every smartphone. Let's go:

chrome youtube
not the way you can on Chrome / AndroidPIT
  1. Open Chrome and sign in to youtube
  2. In the three point menu, select "Desktop version"
  3. If Chrome requests YouTube access to your notifications, please accept
  4. Search the video you want and click it
  5. Play on video and minimize Chrome
  6. The video will pause automatically. Get your notifications and d play on video
  7. Okay, it's already running in the background and you can also turn off the phone

Personally, I prefer the Telegram method because I already use the app and also because I can make a playlist in my personal chat. But Chrome's tips work just as well. Enjoy!

Did you like the tips? Also wanted to listen to YouTube videos in the background?

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