ROCK support for MacBook

Two super-stylish stands for your MacBook or iPad, now available in the MM Store!

How do you guard or support your MacBook/iPad on the table? Lying really, without any support?

If so, know that we now have two excellent options for stands for your MacBook (or notebook of another brand) or your iPad (ditto, it also works with other tablets) – both from ROCK, a brand already known and praised by customers of MM Store.

Both follow the same line, made of aluminum with wooden ends and silicone protection. The tasteful design contrasts superbly with the look of Apple products.

Metal Stand for MacBook

ROCK support for MacBook

THE Metal Stand for MacBook (from ROCK) was developed in a universal design, to be compatible with the various sizes of MacBooks [Air/Pro*] present in the market today, presented in a beautiful design that shows organization and all the quality of the manufacturer.

Practical and compact, it is produced with special processing aluminum alloy, with a minimalist finish in varnished wood. It also features silicone protection on the bottom to keep it firm on the table and prevent damage to your furniture.

Angled 18 degrees from the table, the support offers ergonomic visualization and greater comfort during use, in addition to allowing the best organization of your cables. It is perfect to be used on tables / shelves, watching movies, playing games or chatting with friends and family totally hands-free.

Minus the 15-inch MacBook Pro without Retina display.

Metal Stand for MacBook by ROCK

Metal Stand for MacBook in

ROCKMaterials: aluminum, wood and silicone Dimensions:21.5 × 26.5 × 6.8cm Compatibility: [Air/Pro]

any MacBook

R $ 159.90

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Metal Stand for iPad Made for all iPad models, the Metal Stand for iPad

(from ROCK) is a support to raise your tablet to an ideal height, providing a better viewing angle. With an aluminum alloy frame, the stand

allows you to use your iPad in both landscape and portrait format. It has 60 degrees of inclination, so you have the best viewing angle. Comfortable to watch, play, work, read, etc.

The Metal Stand is elegant and refined, with finish in powdered wood with varnish on the top and bottom. It still has cable organizer, so if you are carrying or transferring data when using the iPad, you will have no problems.

If you use it to support your iPad on a smooth surface, don't worry as it has silicone padded feet.  To complete, the Metal Stand for iPad still has an elegant, sophisticated and superfine design!

ROCK iPad support

Metal Stand for iPad in

ROCKMaterials: aluminum, wood and silicone Dimensions:14.2 × 8.5 × 10.1cm Compatibility: [mini/Air/Pro]

any iPad

R $ 119.90

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