Primeiros Smartphones com Ubuntu Touch

Two Smartphones with Ubuntu Touch have been released!

Finally are the first smartphones with Ubuntu factory!

One in China, another in Spain, be the turn of Ubuntu in the mobile market?

Anyone who follows Ubuntu and Canonical's track record knows how hard the company has struggled to create Ubuntu Touch, and the project is not quite as complete as Canonical wanted, but it is perfectly usable, so that Smartphones models have finally been launched. Ubuntu in its pre-installed mobile version.

First Smartphones with Ubuntu Touch Your companies in question are Chinese Meizu we have reported about Canonical's partnership with the company for some time, in this link You will find more information such as Smartphone specifications. and the other company is BQ in Spain, which is not yet announcing device specifications, according to Canonical, the two companies are two ideal partners for testing Ubuntu Touch because they are good with emerging markets. You can get more information. in the official announcement of Canonical On the subject, according to Mark Shuttleworth, his idea for Ubuntu Touch is not to fight for a third place with BlackBarry and Windows Phone (perhaps at first) but to offer a more open alternative to Android, to make people who are considering buying an Android opt for Ubuntu.

Of course in addition to the functional system and etc is the most crucial point to make an operating system work, both on PCs and mobile devices are Apps, without Apps done nothing, so we will have to wait a while for a wide range of store applications. Ubuntu Apps, this is not a very easy task, WP8 video.

Ubuntu Touch is not expected to arrive in Brazil, so you can sit back and wait or make an import who knows.

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