Two new monitors designed for professionals who create content now come to ASUS ProArt line

Two new monitors designed for professionals who create content now come to ASUS ProArt line

ASUS has updated its portfolio of ProArt products, aimed at those working in the content creation area, with two new 4K HDR mini-LED monitors. The PA32UCX-P and PA27UCX were designed to provide professional color performance and reach the Portuguese market at a price of around 3,200 euros.

Through Off-Axis contrast optimization technology, the new ASUS monitors promise to solve the color accuracy flaws in wide-angle viewing mode found on most mini-LED screens. The technology makes it possible to reduce the halo effect by up to 80% and increase the contrast ratio up to seven times more for darker colors so that the content is displayed clearly.

With ASUS Smart HDR technology, monitors support multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision HDR, a cinema-inspired technology that provides billions of colors, allowing highlights up to 40 times brighter and black up to 10 times darker .

HDR10 support ensures compatibility with video streaming services and a wide range of video games. HDR10 is also supported by the HDR Preview function, giving video creators the option of connecting the camera directly to the monitors and viewing the captured content. Support for HLG, on the other hand, allows use in satellite television broadcasts, which include the BBC iPlayer and DirecTV.

While the ProArt PA32UCX-P has a 10-bit color depth with a maximum brightness of 1200 / m2, the PA27UCX offers a maximum brightness of 1000 cd / m with a wide range of colors for working in editing and post-production of video. The quantum dot technology in the monitors supports the standard DCI-P3 cinema color gamut.

The equipment is pre-calibrated to ensure the accuracy of delta-E colors and both feature advanced gray-scale technology, as well as solutions that guarantee 95% uniformity compensation, avoiding fluctuations in brightness and color in different parts of the screen. The monitors also include the ASUS ProArt software capable of supporting the main XRite, Datacolor, Klein, Calman and Light Ilusion ColourSpace CMS color calibration systems.