Two Apple Stores will reopen in the US; Orlando suburb shop reopens

Contrary to what can be said of iPhones, in the matter retail Apple continues to act at a breakneck pace. Two company stores in the United States are about to reopen after long periods of refurbishment and expansion; a third has just been reopened after going through the same process.

Let's take a spin on them, then?

Apple Altamonte

The first reopening we will talk about today has already happened: it is the Apple Altamonte, in Altamonte Springs, Florida in the Orlando Suburb. The store was reopened on the 6th, after eight months of renovations, and now brings all the elements introduced in recent years to Ma's retail experiences.

Check out the photos of Chris Edwards published by 9to5Mac (Click on images to enlarge):

We therefore have the abundant use of materials such as stone and glass; The back of the store has an LED display that can be used for Today at Apple and the sides feature wall-mounted shelves made of light wood. In the renovation, the store also gained a good expansion.

Apple Oxmoor

Meanwhile, another opening will take place soon: in the next Saturday (9/14), at 10am local time, the new Apple Oxmoorin Louisville, Kentucky, open the door at another location in the Oxmoor Center mall.

According to store employees heard by WDRB, the new space will be 2.5x larger than the previous one. In addition, following Apple's preference for its new (or refurbished) shopping malls, the new space has an opening to the outside of the shopping center here, integrated with a nice square lined with green walls.

Apple Oxmoor in the worksPhotograph: WDRB

There is still no information about the interior of the new store, but she should also bring a canvas to the Today at Apple and all the recent elements of Ma's retail experiences.

Remember that the current Apple Oxmoor is still in operation, and so remain until the 13th.

Apple The Woodlands

The other reopening near Apple The Woodlandsin the city of the same name located in southeastern Texas. The store will also be reopened in next Saturday (9/14)At 10am local time yes, Ma is speeding up these openings to have as many stores running on the new iPhones launch next 20th.

Just like at Oxmoor Center, the store at The Woodlands Center is shifting and also has an exterior-facing side of the shopping center. Unlike the previous case, however, it seems that here we will not have a significant gain in area which does not seem to be exactly a problem, since the previous space was already quite satisfactory.

Location of the new Apple The Woodlands in white

There are no photos or information about the internal space of the new Apple The Woodlands yet, but we'll be back with more information as soon as this happens.

Recalling, of course, that at yesterday's special event Apple also confirmed the reopening of the iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York for the 20th.