Two Apple Commercials Receive 2019 Emmy Nominations

Two Apple Commercials Receive 2019 Emmy Nominations

Although it is only now really entering the television medium, Apple has already beaten the awards. Emmy a few years ago either for your publicity or for your first original series as “Carpool Karaoke”. In the 2019 edition of the award, two of the company's advertising pieces won nominations in the category of Best Commercial.

The first one is the commercial “Don't Mess With Mother” (“Don't Mess with Me”), from the “Filmed with iPhone” series. The film, fully produced with clips captured on an iPhone XS, brings stunning images of nature to the sound of Last Rites, from Megadeth:

The second commercial indicated “Make Something Wonderful” (“Do Something Wonderful”) from the “Behind the Mac” campaign, which puts Ma's computers as tools used by great creative geniuses to make their works to the sound of Shy, by German pianist Hauschka:

In addition to competing in the Best Commercial category, Ma's pieces will have three other competitors, which can be seen below:

Netflix – “A Great Day in Hollywood”

Nike – Dream Crazy

Sandy Hook Promise – “Point of View”

It is good to note that the indications here do not go to the companies that sign the commercials, but to the agencies of each of the pieces in the case of Apple, we are talking about TBWA / Media Arts Lab. Still, recognition for the important Ma.

2019 Emmy Winners Announced September 22, a Sunday, from 22h in the time of Braslia. Which of the above commercials is your favorite?

via Apple World Today