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Two 2020 iPhones may have rear 3D sensor cameras

With the 2019 iPhones already almost completely stripped, nothing more understandable than watching the rumored industry's attention turn almost entirely to next year's models. Today, it was our old friend's turn, Ming Chi Kuo, to share their predictions corroborating something that the Bloomberg said in January about a specific element of future devices: their rear cameras.

According to the analyst, two of the three iPhones to be launched in 2020 (the two most expensive, presumably) will have rear cameras with 3D type sensors Time-of-Flight (ToF) The sensors have a similar function to the TrueDepth front camera of today's iPhones, but with a different technology that allows for much larger distance-supported spatial capture that can even recognize the limits of an entire mode or something.

This change would be a big leap for Apple on two fronts: both in image quality (as sensors are able to capture much more detail and give a better sense of depth to images) and in the company's augmented reality ambitions (already that 3D sensors would dramatically improve the spatial perception of the devices).

Currently, few smartphones have rear cameras equipped with ToF sensors including the Galaxy S10 + 5G, Huawei P30 Pro, LG G8 ThinQ and Sony Xperia XZ4. Obviously, by the time we reach the second half of 2020, many more are expected to win the technology before Apple, but better late than never.

It is good to remember that the rumor of 3D-sensor iPhones in the rear cameras in the new: at one point, it was even speculated that the iPhone X or iPhone 8 would win the feature, which obviously did not happen. Maybe we are coming to the moment the rumor comes to fruition?

via 9to5Mac