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Twitter's Dark Mode gains integration with iOS 13; Snapchat and PCalc are updated

And we are again with the most important recent updates from the App store! Let's take a look at them?


The bird social network already has a Dark mode It's called yours for some time, but now, with the imminent arrival of iOS 13, it's integrating functionality with the system's new global feature.

Twitter app icon

In the new version of Twitter for iOS, users can enable a setting that will make the app simply follow their visual preference of the system. To do so, tap your avatar and go to Settings and privacy Screen and sound Dark mode; Inside, you can enable (or disable) the “Use device preference” option.

Remember that Twitter offers two types of Dark Mode on iOS. One of them navy blue, and the other all black, designed for OLED screens; whichever of the two you have preferably enabled, it will be activated when the application enters Dark mode with the system.


Snapchat app icon

Already the ghostmind's social network, in turn, tries to recapture the relevance of yore after being savagely copied by Facebook. Snapchat latest for iOS one 3D camera mode, which captures a “spatial memory” of your photos to build a model in three dimensions of what you see on screen and thereby create a very realistic 3D effect.

With this you can capture, for example, selfies 3D by simply rocking your device to view the photo from other perspectives. Your creations can be customized, of course, with 3D effects, lenses and filters, which also change according to your viewing angle.

Here's one thing: To capture 3D photos, you need to have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max (feature should reach certain Android devices soon). All smartphones (on iOS or Android), however, can view and interact with 3D images as normal.


PCalc app icon

Finally, the powerful professional calculator for iOS won full support for iOS 13. We therefore have integration with the Dark mode From the system you simply choose which of PCalc's 15 themes will act as your Light and Dark Mode, and the app will automatically switch between them according to system preference, the sunset or the brightness of your screen.

In addition, the app is now integrated with the app news Shortcuts, which has become much more powerful on iOS 13 and allows for automatic action setup. With this, the parameters are passed from Siri directly to PCalc, making operations much faster and with fewer steps even faster currency conversion, with rates that are updated independently of the main app.