Twitterrific creators go to Kickstarter to resume development of the Mac app

Ten years ago, the launch of Twitterrific for Mac it marked the genesis of the bird's first dedicated social network client (which, in turn, had been launched just under six months earlier).

Over time, however, and the introduction of limitations by the Twitter that greatly decrease the number of third-party applications to access the service, Iconfactory, creator of the application, started to prioritize the development of the counterpart for iOS, introduced years later.

Result: Twitterrific for Mac has spent years abandoned, without any updates since the end of 2013. However, this is very close to changing more precisely, this is $ 60,000 to change.

Project Phoenix, campaign to develop new version of Twitterrific for Mac

That's because the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter to resume the development of Twitterrific for Mac, in an initiative suggestively called "Project Phoenix". The developers are asking for an amount of $ 75,000 to restart the project, of which more than $ 15,000 has already been invested and the number is rising rapidly.

By investing US $ 15 you guarantee your license for the new Twitterrific as soon as it is released the promise that the new version of the app will arrive around August of this year, with an estimated final price of US $ 20; therefore, initial investors save a little money, a. By contributing larger amounts, the investor gains access to future betas of the software or gifts such as other titles of the producer, t-shirts and a vinyl version of the bird Ollie, Twitter mascot.

Some may wonder, however, why a consolidated developer and apparently without financial shortages is turning to crowdfunding to develop an application, a task that, superficially analyzing, would not be particularly expensive. According to Iconfactory, the money needed for some of the company's main professionals to be able to invest their time in the initiative, ensuring that the new Twitterrific for Mac is at the level of excellence delivered in its other products and can stay above those existing customers for the operating system.

Considering that we currently don’t have many noteworthy until the official Twitter app for Mac is very mediocre, by the way, something tells me that guys are going to get along in a territory without much competition. To be?

(via 9to5Mac)