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Twitter stopped? Users report that the site is down and won't let you tweet | Social networks

The social media support page admitted the problem and said that the team is working to correct the situation as quickly as possible. Despite displaying the feed, it is not possible to create or respond to publications on both the computer and the mobile app.

According to Google Trends, a platform that checks Internet searches, in the last hour, there was an increase in the number of searches for "Twitter stopped", "problem with Twitter", "Twitter fell?", "I can't tweet" and "Twitter status ".

For now, there is nothing that users can do to try to resolve the fault, as the site has already explained that this is a general problem. In this case, the only alternative is to wait for the error to be resolved. Despite the problem, some users who are managing to tweet, took the situation with good humor, posting complaints about the fall, a common attitude on Twitter when some other social network, like Instagram or Facebook, falls.