Twitter for iOS brings chronological timeline back; Instagram, Darkroom and Launch Center Pro also get news

Several interesting updates have recently arrived for popular apps from App store including a long-awaited change by all users of a certain bird social network. Let's have a look at everything?


Twitter app icon

Traditionalist users of the 140 280 character network, I trembled: Twitter announced the return of chronological timeline.

New to iOS! From today, you can tap the button ✨ to switch between the latest or most important tweets on your timeline. Coming soon to Android.

The feature, or rather, its return was one of Twitter's top user requests since the network began employing algorithms to "guess" the posts that interest you most and show them first on the timeline. You now have the option of going back to traditional view in chronological order.

There is not yet a forecast of the arrival of the feature to Android or the main site of the platform, but it is already included in the latest Twitter update for iOS.


Instagram app icon

Another network whose users insistently urge the chronological view of posts back has gained a number of other things, but this is not specifically. 😝

First news is a more dynamic way to interact with your viewers in live streams Or, if you're on the other side, with people making live video. It is possible to ask questions (through the sticker appropriate) for users making streaming and they can add the questions on the live screen to answer them.

Also, a new feature can be a gift for anyone who wants musical recommendations: now you can answer a sticker of questions with a song from your library. The music icon is available when you use the matching sticker and you can see (and hear) your friends' responses in a list just like text interactions, and you can share your favorite music posted by them to the camera. Instagramhas even gained new effects that synchronize with the beat of the chosen song.

The network has also added a new type of adhesive to Stories: a countdown It allows you to print how many days, hours and minutes are left for any important event in your life. Your friends can follow the count (which will send them a reminder when the time comes) or play the sticker on their own Stories.

The latest version of Instagram (75.0) for iOS is now available on the App Store and also features the previously announced voice messaging feature for iOS. Direct. On a related note, for some reason it was also "misfit" for the XS Max and XR iPhones screens:

Now that I know it's not just me: Instagram for iOS has been “de-optimized” for the iPhone XS Max screen (and presumably for the iPhone XR) in the latest update (75.0).

Below I compare my wife's XS Max running version 74.0 with my XS Max running version 75.0 of the app. Note the spacing of the balls of the Stories on the top.

My thing


Darkroom - Photo Editor app icon

The popular photo editing app for iOS today has received its biggest update since its release in 2015. With version 4.0, the Darkroom finally brings support to the iPad. And not only that: developer Bergen Co. claims to have built the best photo editor for Ma's tablet.

The new version of the app has several benefits as a result of the addition of the iPad as a supported device, such as keyboard shortcut support, split screen, responsive interface (which fits any orientation) and many other features unique to the tablet.

In addition, we have full synchronization with the iCloud Photo Library, fast filters, spot changes in the interface and enhancement of various commands when copying and pasting a filter, for example, the outside value is respected in the new image. The overall look of the app has also been improved, with more precise buttons and more intuitively arranged options.

Darkroom is available for free on the App Store and its various toolkits and filters can be purchased on in-app purchases ranging from $ 8 to $ 38.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro app icon

This is an app that many people do not know, but that makes life much easier for iPhone users: the Launch Center Pro organizes on-screen several quick actions based on integrations with various other apps and services. Today, the application has gained an update that brings several new features.

With Launch Center Pro 3.0, you can add NFC trigger-based actions to iPhones XS, XS Max, and XR, this activation occurs regardless of whether the app is open or not; On other models with the technology (from iPhone 7 onwards), you must have the application active for the command to work.

In addition, the update comes with theme support (such as a Dark Mode), advanced in-action scheduling features, Siri Shortcuts support for voice actions, and more. Finally, the iPad version of the app has now been discontinued, the universal iPhone app, also working on Apple tablets.

Launch Center Pro is freely available from the App Store, with multiple in-app purchases that unlock specific features (such as NFC trigger support) forever or enable a subscription that gives you access to all tools for a specified time; A one-year subscription, for example, costs $ 37, while the standalone NFC unlock costs $ 19.

Auto sleep

AutoSleep app icon. Monitor your sleep.

Finally, the iPhone and Apple Watch sleep tracker has come to version 6.0 with a slew of new things to start with the new, simplified design that is more intuitive to use on both the smartphone and the watch.

The new version of Auto sleep It also supports Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app, as well as new features such as a daily heart rate variability (HRV) classification of your sleep and a Sleep Bank, which indicates whether you are in credit or debit with your night habits. New sections of wellness and sleep hygiene have also been added.