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Twitter buys music service and prepares to launch #music

O Twitter One of the social networks / microblogging that I like to use the most, is my first news source and now it can also become my music search source. O Twitter has just purchased the WeAreHunted internet music search and sharing service and is preparing to launch the #music. But what is this?

Twitter music
Twitter #music could reach users this weekend. / Hunted

In the universe of microblogging, users can share news, photos and videos, after this acquisition is expected that by the end of this week we have a new application responsible for turning on the Twitter and the music. The website All Things Digital reported yesterday that according to sources close to the Twitter and to WeAreHunted, the app can be launched anytime between today and the weekend – rumors indicate that the release can happen anytime during the music festival. Coachella. Also according to the digital news site, the app will suggest an artist or song to users based on the data collected from their account. In addition, the user will be allowed to listen to music through services such as iTunes or Soundcloud, or watch videos from Vevo.

twitter music
twitter music 2
It seems that Stephen Phillips, founder of We Are Hunted, is already inside the new service. / Twitter

O WeAreHunted It was created in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia by Stephen Phillips, Richard Slatter and Michael Doherty. The project aimed to bring together on a single platform the chance to search, listen and share what was most current in the music world.

The website #music can now be accessed via music.twitter, users can even try to sign up using the Twitterbut only to allow the app to access read and write information on your profile in Twitter.

And, did you enjoy the news that you can also count on music on Twitter? I can't wait to put mine to play and share this kind of content with my followers using all my mobile devices!

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