Twitter Brings Audio Cards to Stream Music

Twitter serves to share everything nowadays, however, for music, it was always necessary to leave the application. With the latest Android app update, Twitter solved this issue and immediately presented two partnerships.

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Twitter now with music. / Twitter / Flickr

The first two partnerships were closed with SoundCloud and iTunes; Now you don't have to leave the app to listen to music, podcasts, or other audio as long as the link comes from one of two sources. The same system is used for images, when clicking on the link a card appears with options of play / pause, reply, retweet or share. There is also the option to "minimize" the card (think YouTube) and keep listening while reading your feed. However, the music stops if the user exits the app or if the screen goes blank.

twitter audio cards
Foo Fighters was the first band to share via iTunes. / ANDROIDPIT

The full list of who is using Cards via SoundCloud can be found at the source.

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