Twitter begins distributing twttr trial app to select users

Twitter begins distributing twttr trial app to select users

Apart from occasional changes here and there, the experience of using the Twitter on mobile devices it has been around for a long time. Well, if it depends on the new test app twttr, no more.

Twttr, Twitter Experimental AppImage: iPhone in Canada

The app is the bird's first social network attempt to bring selected users a preview of future features, new interface ideas, and other news that may or may not see the light of day. The radically different look: Here is a timeline divided by speech bubbles, giving the app a much more similar face to an instant messenger.

Balloons are color coded: the "main" ones are white, while the answers are colored each user participating in the conversation gets a different color, so you don't get lost while following a discussion. Complementary options, such as tanning or retweet, are hidden in auxiliary menus; The idea here is really to focus on interactions.

This does not mean, of course, that Twitter is planning such a drastic change to its main app: twttr's role is precisely to put into practice ambitious ideas, which can be filtered to perhaps become resources that we will find. Application path that we all use.

At first, twttr will only be distributed by TestFlight to network users in English and Japanese who have enrolled in the testing program launched at the last CES. It is possible that soon, Twitter will expand these tests and also embrace the so lusfonos users of the network we also want to give feedback, after all.

Anyone interested in testing twttr at some point in the future can sign up for the Twitter program at this link.

via MacRumors