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Twelve South Week at MM Store: MacBook, iPad and even iMacs Holders!

Who has or has had contact with any product of Twelve south You know how they are of the highest quality and always bring a design show.

Today we will talk about three of their products now available on MM Store. Primeiro The first (HiRise) is a release, the second (Compass) we had since last year but now gets a new color and the third (BookArc) has evaporated when we launched and is now back in our stock.

HiRise Support for Twelve South iMacs

O HiRise, by Twelve South, * o * stand for your iMac.

Designed for all models and made of metal, the stand has the same finish as the iMac, leaving no desire for beauty and elegance. He has two sliders in Teflon that enable the movement of the support without damaging the surface.

The refinement of the product begins with the box, very well designed and sophisticated, maintaining that quality of Apple that we are used to. But the main differential of the HiRise that besides him being a standIt also has a compartment where you can store the little messes that are left on your desk. It even has adjustments in case you want to store a thicker object, for example.

In addition to acquiring an exceptionally elegant and sophisticated product, you gain another very important benefit: it improves the wrong posture of daily work vices. With positioning adjustment, you can raise your iMac to eye height, once and for all leaving your posture aside.

Finally, it is worth noting that the HiRise It also works perfectly well for those who have a Mac mini connected to a Thuderbolt Display.

HiRise thumbnail for iMac

HiRise Support for iMacs

in Twelve south

Color: silverMaterials: metal and teflonFeature: height adjustableCompatibility: Aluminum iMacs or Mac mini + Thunderbolt Display

R $ 399,90

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Compass 2 iPad Support by Twelve South

Made for all iPad models except the 12.9 inch, the Compass 2 (by Twelve South) a stand to elevate your tablet to an optimal height for a better viewing angle. It is a small fully mobile tool that can be used at home, but also in airplanes, airports, hotels, cafes and even meeting rooms.

With a machined steel frame, the Compass 2 Allows you to use your iPad in both landscape and portrait mode. It is approximately 17.5cm long by 2.5cm wide small enough to carry and use anywhere you see and has a small wing so you can take it everywhere.

O Compass 2 can be used in two settings: easel mode (to display your photos, watch movies / videos or even chat via FaceTime); and the inclined mode (which provides comfortable typing).

If you use it to rest your iPad on a smooth surface, don't worry as it has all silicone padded feet. To complete, the Compass 2 For iPads it still has a sleek, sophisticated and superfine design!

Compass 2 thumbnail black for iPad

R $ 239,90

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BookArc Support for Twelve South MacBooks Air or Pro

O BookArc (by Twelve South) A sleek, sophisticated and practical stand for you to fit your MacBook Air or Pro strength to anyone looking for more desk space and organization.

Using the notebook in an upright position, you only occupy only 22 by 11 inches at your desk. The stand perfectly cushions your computer as it has a silicone pad that runs all over where the Mac is supported. This ensures complete convenience and security. Your rubberized feet prevent the BookArc slide or scratch the surface wherever you are.

O BookArc has easy docking and removal of your MacBook Air / Pro. For ease of use with an external monitor, the bracket offers two wire slots inside, also rubberized.

Twelve South BookArc

R $ 299,90

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Soon, as always, more news for you. ?