Stand Curve, by Twelve South

Twelve South launches modern version of its classic stand for MacBooks

The accessory manufacturer Twelve South announced the launch of its newest support for MacBooks, the Curve.

Quite elegant, this stand promises to keep your MacBook at eye level, so that the viewing angle (90º) can align your spine, providing you with comfort and a better posture for working. It comes in black aluminum matte, which blends well with the new space gray color of Apple notebooks.

Stand Curve, by Twelve South

Its design was very well thought out, raising the screen by 16.5 cm and keeping 70% of the bottom of the MacBook exposed, which allows for better cooling. In addition, it weighs only 650 grams.

If you have the impression that you’ve seen this stand elsewhere, it is not wrong. As the creator told in detail in a post, he is inspired by “iCurve”, the first stand for MacBooks developed by Twelve South co-founder Andrew Green in 2003. At the time, Green worked for Griffin Technology.

Stand Curve, by Twelve South

I knew that someday I would want to update the classic design for the modern Mac universe. When thinking about bringing it back to the market, I imagined the Curve as a thin metal tape – like a Möbius tape. Using aluminum with a matte black finish, the Curve is a new remix of the original classic that looks simply stunning, especially when supporting a new space gray MacBook.

In addition to giving a “new face” to Curve, Green was also inspired by buildings such as the Guggenheim museum, the Colosseum and, of course, Apple Park.

Look, a commercial with the face of Apple!

Available for the latest MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, the Curve costs US $ 50 and can be purchased directly on the Twelve South website (with delivery to Brazil) or in some physical stores of Best Buy in the United States.

via MacRumors