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TV executive leaves Apple while Madonna's publicist arrives at the company

Another day, more news of Cupertino's eternal comings and goings.

Jen Folse

You may remember this relatively common face in recent keynotes, especially in demos related to tvOS. Jen Folse was one of Apple's top design leaders on some fronts, including the company's operating system Apple TV, but now he is leaving the company to take a senior position at Caffeine.

Jen Folse, former Apple TV designer

Caffeine, for misunderstandings (like me, until a few minutes ago), a startup in streaming game live founded in 2016 by former Apple TV designers Ben Keighran and Sam Roberts. The idea of ??the initiative clashing with giants of the segment, like Twitch or YouTube, and apparently Folse is one of the key parts of this strategy.

As Keighran stated Variety:

I worked with Jen for years at Apple. She is a phenomenal product design leader and executor and I am excited to work with her as we grow the Caffeine platform.

Folse, who has already updated his LinkedIn page with the move, said he intended to spend a lot of time at Apple, but saw Caffeine as an opportunity to "make an impact by leading the product experience", adding that he was attracted by the founders' vision. Well, if so, luck to her in the new venture!

Brian Bumbery

While some go, others arrive. And, also according to the Variety, an important name is entering Cupertino to be part of the transition in Apple Music where one of the heads of the platform, Jimmy Iovine, is moving into a consultant role, further away from the company's day-to-day life.

Apple Music

The ball of the day Brian Bumbery, veteran of public relations who was once from Warner Bros. Records and worked for musical acts like Madonna, Metallica, Green Day and Chris Cornell, the advertising firm he worked for, BB Gun Press, has worked with Apple on several occasions, including. At Ma, Bumbery work as an advertising director.

It remains to be seen whether the hiring of Bumbery will bring concrete reflexes to Apple Music, which is increasingly striving in the onslaught against Spotify and must have already become the main competitor in number of subscribers in the USA. Does this broth mix? We'll see.

via 9to5Mac, Apple World Today