Tutorial: Synchronizing Favorites in Google Chrome 4

Chrome has gained yet another update, and the main feature just added is Favorites sync, called “Sync My Bookmarks“. Now you can keep your favorites on any PC. The only problem is that the new function is not activated by default, and to enable it is necessary to follow the steps below:

* Right-click on the Chrome shortcut and select the option PROPERTIES; * In the shortcut tab, find the field DESTINY and enter the command “–Enable-sync”(Without quotes) at the end of the line;


* OK, and check the menu TOOLS the Browser if the “Sync My Bookmarks”Is active.


And this is the “Sync My Bookmarks“…


Google Chrome 4 Beta features improvements to the JavaScript engine and source code. Therefore, it gained more speed to process internet pages and scripts, in addition to compatibility with HTML 5 standards.

Engineers at the Mountain View company also developed two new features for Chrome 4:

* Web works – With this feature, the browser continues to function even when processing heavy codes or scripts. * Local storage – Thanks to this feature, you will be able to access web services when you are offline.

Remembering that Chrome 4 is a Beta version, that is, you may encounter bugs. To check version 4 (beta) of the Google browser, just go to This page and download it.