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Tutorial: Learn how to restore old photos instantly

Restoring old photos is easy with the MyHeritage Photo Enchancer tool, which uses artificial intelligence to improve images

The Israeli website MyHeritage (Minha Herana, in free translation) created a tool for restore old photos, call of MyHeritage Photo Enchancer (Photo enhancer for Minha Herana, also in free translation). Through artificial intelligence, the user can improve and correct old photos, in addition to coloring photos that are in black and white. This means that photos from the 20s and 30s, for example, can be seen in a current standard, improving their quality. it's almost like you take a picture of your grandfather using a smartphone, but 90 years ago.

THE MyHeritage it is a website that works with genealogical information, that is, its database has a huge amount of varied records, ranging from passports and old newspapers to documents of entry in the country. Although registration on the site is free, it offers a premium platform so that those interested in diving into family history can take advantage of the tools in the best possible way. THE MyHeritage Photo Enchancer, in turn, uses artificial intelligence to define and learn how blurred faces would look if they were sharp and also to color the photos, all so that the activity of restore old photos be compatible with the advancement of family trees. An example that was incredible:

Fortunately, graphic work on photos does not require a paid account, so anyone can register and use the tool. it is still possible to set up your own family tree, although it is not as complete as it could be because it is a free model. Perhaps this is, in fact, the future of family trees: your grandchildren should no longer use cardboard and dusty photos taken from the drawer, but complex and much more comprehensive applications that would find connections between them and immigrants from around the world. Check out our tutorial now:

How to restore old photos

Step 1: Most importantly, without a doubt, have a old photo available. You need to scan it or take another picture using your phone, as long as it is of good quality. Ask your grandmother to lend you that old, faded photo that is on the family picture frame. Once you have the photo in hand, it is easy to proceed by visiting the MyHeritage website.

Register on the MyHeritage website by the platform itself, at the bottom, white, or by Facebook and Google, at the top, blue and white, respectively Registration through the platform itself or through other

Step 2: You can register directly, or take a look at some sample photos at the bottom of the site, clicking on one of the following categories: Color photos and highlight photos. There, you can see some of the work of artificial intelligence. Anyway, you will need to register if you want to save the photos you used, but if you want to get an idea of ??how they will look, it is good to see some examples in addition to what we present here. You can register directly on the website or using your profile on Facebook or in Google, is at your discretion. Just fill in the required fields and your profile will be ready, which takes us to the next step.

Step 3: As soon as you finish your registration, you will be redirected to your main page. In it, you can see that there are many tools available to users, so feel free to have a look before continuing. Once you are satisfied with your curiosity, go back to the homepage and click tree to open a short list of categories. There, you can click on ?My Photos?To upload more photos or?Coloring pictures" and "Highlight photos?To make use of the tool MyHeritage Photo Enchancer directly.

Top of the MyHeritage website header, pointing to the My Tree category and the subcategories that unfold from it Start restoring your old photos with ease

Step 4: Just click transfer pictures if you have decided to upload more images and, in the window that opens, you can either drag the photos to the blackboard or click select files to choose. When you click the button, search for the desired photo in the folder where you saved it and upload it. When finished, click on View Family Album, the only orange button that will appear. By now, you should have something similar to the example (but with your own photo, I hope). If you want to add more photos, just click on the orange button written ?transfer pictures?, Seen at the top right of the image below.

View of the family album, where the photos from the MyHeritage site are stored, and where the user can use the tool to improve the photos Your ?family album? should look like this

Step 5: By clicking on the image, the site will redirect you to the photo editing tab, which is quite simple. In it, you will be able to choose if you want improve the photo, color the photo or both. Clicking on these boats, ready! Are you able to restore old photos and make your family happy at the end of the year meetings.

Two red arrows pointing to the buttons that operate the tool to restore old photos, MyHeritage Photo Enchancer Just click on one or both to restore your old photos

Step 6: All that remains now to save the work of art. Once you have enhanced the image, click on the first icon on the left of the top line and then choose how you want to save it: the original, in case you have lost the file on your computer, the improved one or the comparison between the two. Simple, right? Well, now try you!

Red arrow pointing to the save image icon in the upper left corner of the MyHeritage Photo Enchancer edit screen Just save your creation in MyHeritage Photo Enchancer and show it to the family

THE MyHeritage Photo Enchancer works great on photos with multiple faces as well, presenting an overview of the image followed by fragmented faces, which can be viewed individually so that the user can see the change. It is easy, simple and quick to use, so you can start looking with your grandmother and restore old photos which, until then, seemed unsaved.

If you still want to make changes to the image, you can download some free alternatives instead of Photoshop. Although it is not as easy to use as the MyHeritage Photo Enchancer and restore old photos instantly be a real hand on the wheel, a good program can help a lot when making adjustments.

Some examples of photos that were really cool:

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