Tutorial: how to view and cancel subscriptions to your Apple ID

With the range of applications on the App Store and several services that require subscriptions, many users end up losing control of which and how many apps are subscribed, sometimes even receiving undue charges for not being able to cancel these subscriptions.

Apple has several support pages that explain how to find such information (1, 2, 3), yet we think it would be convenient to indicate how to access and find recent subscriptions to a Apple ID.

Not very obvious but very easy, see:

By iPhone

The first way to access your Apple profile through iPhone, using the following options:

  1. Open the App Store on the iPhone;
  2. Click on the profile icon / avatar in the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. Access your profile by clicking on your name (it may be necessary to authenticate with password and / or Touch / Face ID);
  4. On the page that opens, scroll the screen and go to the area Subscriptions;

    Managing subscriptions through iOS

  5. You will see your active and expired subscriptions, tap on one for more information.

    Managing subscriptions through iOS

  6. On the details screen, you will have the option to "Cancel subscription" (if you wish).

    Managing subscriptions through iOS

By Mac or PC

It is also possible to perform the same action macOS:

  1. Open iTunes;
  2. On the menu bar, go to Account View My Account;
  3. Confirm your Apple ID password;
  4. In the area Settings, click on “Manage” right of Subscriptions;

    Managing subscriptions through macOS

  5. You will see your active and expired subscriptions, click on “Edit” for more information;

    Managing subscriptions through macOS

  6. In the details screen, you will have a button for "Cancel subscription" (if you wish).

    Managing subscriptions through macOS

Shortcut via link

Another very simple way to get to this signature screen, both at iOS as for macOS, with a link:

  1. Click / tap this link on your iPhone or Mac;
  2. You will be directed to the signature page automatically on both devices;
  3. If you want, bookmark the URL for quick / easy access.

By Apple TV

At Apple TV the step-by-step also looks like:

  1. Open the Settings;
  2. Select Accounts;
  3. In Subscriptions, select “Manage Subscriptions”;
  4. Select your subscription of interest and proceed.

Managing subscriptions on tvOS

Remembering that, to access and manage subscriptions for Apple TVs of third generation or earlier (without tvOS), an iOS device or computer is required.

I was charged improperly, what do I do?

If any activity or unknown chargeIt is possible to review your Purchase History, with dates and number of all orders placed by that Apple ID. To access the history, access this link, which will take you to the iTunes Store via iOS or macOS.

On the page, find the application or subscription purchased; then select “Report a problem”. You will be taken to an Apple page where you can dispute the purchase individually.

Another tip that the Apple page itself points out, if your bank statement shows charges that are not in the purchase history, it is important to check if you have more than one Apple ID per case.

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