[tutorial] How to report a fake Facebook page

[tutorial] How to report a fake Facebook page


From time to time, fake Apple pages appear on Facebook or Twitter promising fanciful sweepstakes for iPhones and iPads that, in the end, never happen. But despite the generally poor graphics, many do not notice the scam and end up flooding our profiles with swindlers’ propaganda. Fortunately, if a lot of people report it, Facebook takes these pages down.

So, see how easy it is to help make this type of page disappear.

Unfortunately, the (weak) Facebook application for mobile devices does not allow the user to report on the iPhone or iPad. Therefore, you are required to search for a computer (or open Facebook on Safari on iOS) to do this.

Go to the fake page and see, below the cover photo, a configuration button on the right side.

Configuration button

Click on it and a menu will open. Choose the option “Report page“.

Report page

Indicate the option “Spam or fraud“.

SPAM or Fraud

Ready. You contributed so that that page does not continue to deceive anyone else. The Facebook team will evaluate your report and if many people do the same, they speed up the removal of the fake page.

Congratulations! You helped make your social network a little better. ?