Tutorial: how to modify the date and time of your images using iPhoto

Tutorial: how to modify the date and time of your images using iPhoto

We recently traveled to San Francisco for MM Tour II and, while Rafael was responsible for making the videos of the trip, I was in charge of taking some pictures.

I used my iPhone 6 and my Canon EOS 60D for this. While on the iPhone the date and local time are automatically adjusted, on my DSLR this information was wrong. Today’s tip: how to correct date information and photo schedules by iPhoto.

It may seem complicated, but very simple. After importing the photos into the application, just enter the specific event (in my case, the MM Tour II), select the images you want to make changes to and, through the menu bar, choose the option Photos Set Date and Time.

IPhoto tip

Click / tap to enlarge.

By doing this, a panel opens, allowing you to choose the exact day and time the photos were taken. Here in my case, my camera was “adjusted for the future” (ie, the photos that were actually taken on 2/11 were marked as 3/11). In addition, due to the time difference between my city (Rio de Janeiro) and San Francisco, the times of the images were also wrong (six hours ahead).

All I had to do then was go back one day and six hours on that panel. Although it shows the exact time of the first selected photo, when making these adjustments, all the selected photos will be corrected for six hours less according to their schedule, and not the first one shown in the screenshot.

An important thing is to check the option "Modify original files", so that the information is correct in the original image and not just in some new version created by you (as in the case of manipulation, adding effects, etc.). Before clicking on "Adjust", it is worthwhile to reread everything to see if the information you have placed on the panel is really correct. Then just click the button and wait for the corrections to be applied.