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Tutorial: How to enable Apple Watch ECG in Brazil

Without a doubt, the electrocardiogram (ECG) was one of the highlights of the Apple Watch Series 4. The Apple Watch was the first or one of the first to allow a person to perform an electrocardiogram quite simply and to share relevant information with their doctor to a distance messenger.

The problem is that even after more than one year of its release, the ECG is only available in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, European countries and India. And to make matters worse, even if you buy a watch from one of these locations, you need to activate the feature there to make it work, so it's no use buying an Apple Watch in the US and trying to get the ECG to work in Brazil without making it. initial setup on American soil. Or no.

Our readers Daniel Ricarte and Rodrigo Vidal They sent us a tip over there, which allows owners of watches purchased in these countries to be able to activate the ECG in Brazilian territory (in fact, anywhere in the world). In addition to the ECG, you also enable the feature that sends notifications when your heart rate is irregular.

Both Daniel and Rodrigo have successfully completed the process, so if you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of such resources in Brazil well, you need not wait any longer.

How to enable ECG in Brazil

Like I said, you necessarily need have bought the watch (Series 4 or 5) in one of the countries listed above, where the ECG is properly regulated. If you bought yours here in Brazil, nothing done.

You also need a Mac or PC to run the app. iMazing, which we have commented here on the site. In addition, your iPhone must necessarily have some data recorded within the Sade app (Health) So if you have absolutely nothing recorded, take a walk or some other exercise to leave such information recorded in the app.

As always, before proceeding make sure you have have a full backup After all, problems can happen. Without further ado, let's get down to business:

  1. Unpair Apple Watch from your iPhone.
  2. Then download and use the app. iMazing It's free for the most part, but unfortunately for this tutorial you need a paid license ($ 45) to make an encrypted backup of your iPhone (it * needs * to be encrypted for everything to work).
  3. After the backup is done, you need to edit the newly created backup in the iMazing application. Just click on the backup inside the app app and then "Edit."
  4. Select “Editable Backups” (“Editable Backups“) In the left pane and navigate to HomeDomain / Library / Preferences.
  5. Download this PLIST file and place it in the location mentioned above. If a file with this name already exists, replace it. This file basically activates the ECG app on your Apple Watch, even with activation being done in a country outside the supported list.
  6. Now you need to restore your iPhone using the backup you just edited. To do this, while in the iMazing application, select the backup you just edited in “Editable Backups” in the left pane and click “Restore Devices” in the right pane. Wait for the restore to complete.
  7. When the restoration is complete, pair your Apple Watch with iPhone again and set it as a new watch. Do not restore from a backup as this will nullify the above actions.
  8. If you have problems, unpair Apple Watch, then pair again.
  9. You should now have the ECG app available on your watch!

It is worth remembering again here: only perform the above tutorial properly protected with backups of your iPhone and your watch if any problem happens in the above process, you will be safe knowing that the backup is there to help you.

The website Redmond pie, who gave this tip, stated that he tested everything on iOS 13.2 and watchOS 6.1 successfully. So, we work! 😃

Image: Denys Prykhodov / Shutterstock