[tutorial] How to back up iPhone, iPod or iPad data on iCloud

* Article updated 05/25/2016

You can automatically save a backup copy of your iPhone or iPad data directly to iCloud, Apple’s cloud service. It is free and available to all users of Apple devices who have the iOS from 5.0. If you are not yet enrolled in iCloud, here’s how to create your account for free.

Advantages of backing up using iCloud:

data recovery facilitated in the event of restoration or replacement of the device (does not require a computer); their recording is daily and automatic, without you having to worry about it; you can recover your backup wherever you are, as long as you have access to an internet network. Very useful when traveling.

Disadvantages of backing up using iCloud:

the backup takes up storage space on iCloud; if you have a free account (5GB), it may be full in no time;retrieving data and installing applications from the cloud is very slow, even on fast connections; if you don’t have access to the internet, you won’t be able to recover your backup; if an app you owned has been removed from the App Store, you will not be able to install it again.

♦ Saving the backup

Important: the backup does not store music and videos, only data and information from applications.

To record what you have on your device in iCloud is very easy. Go in Settings> iCloud and look for the option Backup.

iCloud backup

If the option is not turned on, activate it, so that the system starts to backup all your data in the cloud. Remember that this takes up storage space on your iCloud. If you don’t subscribe to any extra storage plans, it may take up all of your available space.

iCloud backup

With the option on, the system will automatically record the backup for you once a day, without having to connect to the computer. But in order not to waste the battery or operator data, it will only do so when the device is at rest, connected to a power source and to a Wi-Fi network.

You can also back up manually at any time, just by tapping the button Backup Now. In this case, it is not mandatory that the device is on Wi-Fi or connected to a power source.

iCloud backup

♦ Recovering the backup

Every time you reinstall the system on your iPhone, iPod or iPad (or turn on a device you just purchased), it will ask if you want to recover your data backup from iTunes or at iCloud. Choose your iCloud backup and wait for it to finish, which can take a few hours.

This method of backup restoration is the least advisable, as it takes too long to install everything you had on the device (the connection is all made over the wireless network). The quickest way is to restore from iTunes on your computer, with the device connected via USB. ICloud is more suitable for emergencies, when there is a problem with the device and you do not have a more current copy of the data, or on trips that you do not have access to your computer.