[tutorial] How to back up iPhone, iPod or iPad data in iTunes on your computer

[tutorial] How to back up iPhone, iPod or iPad data in iTunes on your computer

Backing up to iTunes on your computer is necessary to ensure that you will not lose all your data in case of problems with the device.

Advantages of backing up through iTunes:

faster recording and restoration of data; can save and recover backups even without internet access; if any application you have is no longer available on the App Store, you can install it whenever you want the copy saved in your iTunes.

Disadvantages of backing up using iTunes:

you must always connect the device to the computer to save the backups; if you are away from your computer (on a trip, for example), you will not be able to recover your data.

♦ Saving the backup

Important: the backup does not store music and videos, only data and information from applications.

To save the backup of your device, connect it to your computer via the USB cable and open the iTunes program (if you don’t have it, install it here).

In the left column, you should find an icon with your device.

Click on it with the right mouse button, so you will see a small menu of options. Choose the option to save your backup (in Windows it says “Backup copies”And on the Mac it says“Backup“). Wait for the process to finish.

In Windows iTunes:

In Mac OS iTunes:

There, now you have saved all the data from your device on the computer. Repeat the process from time to time.

If you have applications present on your device that are not in your iTunes library, you can pass them on to your computer:

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♦ Recovering the backup

If you need to restore your device or have purchased a new iPhone or iPad, you can recover all of your data that was on the old device (contacts, messages, calendars, game progress, application data and more). Be aware that it will erase the data on the device and replace it with the data saved in the backup.

To recover a backup already made, open iTunes and click the button right mouse on your device located on the right side column. Choose the option “Restore from Backup“.

In Windows iTunes:

In iTunes on your Mac:

Wait for the time needed to recover from the backup (the iPhone or iPad screen will be black for a while). The duration of the process will depend on the size of your backup, but it usually does not last more than 20 minutes.

♦ Managing backups in iTunes

From time to time, it’s always a good idea to check if iTunes isn’t saving files from old backups. This is because they are usually large and occupy an important space on the computer’s disk. You can delete backups that you no longer use, such as old devices that are no longer with you.

Open iTunes on your computer and access the menu Preferencesat the top bar of the screen. When opening the window, choose the tab Devices.

You will probably see a list of device backups. If you only have the ones you currently use, you can click OK and don’t worry for now. But if you have one that you no longer use, select it and delete it to save disk space.