[tutorial] Find out what they are and how to use App Store promotional codes

From time to time, the Blog distributes here or on Twitter some promotional codes App Store apps. But not everyone knows what they are, let alone how they work. And that’s why we did this complete tutorial, to explain to everyone what the “promocodes”And how to use them. ?

What is a promotion?

Promotional codes (or promocodes, in English), are a way that Apple has found to make it possible for developers to provide their applications for free so that the press or specialized websites can evaluate and disseminate them through reviews. However, they are also widely used in contests and sweepstakes, as a way to promote the app and draw everyone’s attention to it.

These codes are made up of 12 digits (letters and numbers) and can be used only once (that is, after you use it, it no longer works). Another curiosity is that they have an expiration date (4 weeks or 28 days) and each developer can provide a maximum of 50 codes per application version.

How to use a promocode?

The codes are used in the App Store, in a link called Rescue (formerly called redeem). It is possible to use them on the computer (through iTunes) or on the device itself, in the App Store application. The button Rescue on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is found in the tab Highlighted (Featured) at the bottom of the page.

In iTunes on your computer, the link can be found in the right sidebar on the App Store screen.

Still have doubts? So we made a video showing the step-by-step on the computer, on the iPhone and on the iPad, so you can learn exactly how it works. Where you have written “redeem”, read “redeem”. ?

I don’t have an App Store account. How to make?

If you don’t have an App Store account yet, learn how to open one for free in our other tutorial.

What is the validity time of the applications won by the promoters?

Once you’ve used a promotional code and downloaded the app, it’s yours forever. You will be able to update it free of charge for its entire lifetime, as if you had paid for it. ?

In which country to use the codes?

In the beginning, Apple only allowed promotional codes to be used on US accounts. But luckily it changed this policy at the end of 2010 and now you can use the promocode on a Brazilian, Argentine or American (or any other) account, even for games (which do not have a specific category in Brazil). However, a warning: if you download a game (or application) that does not exist in the store you are using, it will install normally, but will not receive future updates.

Another important detail: do not confuse promote with gift card (or gift code). Although the link to the two is the same, gift codes only apply to the store in the country where they were purchased. For example, if you want to give away a game from the Argentine store, the person who will receive it will only be able to use it with an Argentine, non-Brazilian account.


Now that you’ve learned what promotions are and how to use them, you’re ready to take advantage of our promotions here on the Blog. Stay tuned, that at any time you can compete for promotional codes of various applications. Don’t miss any opportunity! ?

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