Learn how to restore files or your Time Machine backup on a Mac

Tutorial: Are you finding the Time Machine backup too slow? Learn how to speed it up!

I love mine AirPort Time Capsule. I also really like the way Apple created its backup ecosystem (with AirPort and software Time Machine), after all, everything happens practically without you having to worry about anything.

But if there is one thing that irritates me about the whole speed of the backup, especially when we are talking about the first of all. If you have a 256GB or 512GB Mac with a lot of that space being used, the backup will take days! But there is a very easy way for you to change that.

Time Machine running on a MacBook Air

As Keir Thomas shared on the site Mac Kung FuBy default, Time Machine backups work with a low CPU priority, probably not to hinder any other task you are performing on the computer.

But taking into account that you are not editing a heavy video, a huge image in a Photoshop of life or any other task that requires a lot of the machine, your backup by Time Machine can be much, much faster! How? Just type the following command in the Terminal (app located in the / Applications / Utilities / OS X folder):

sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0

By doing this, you are basically preventing backups from being made taking into account this low CPU priority.

The problem with this command is that, when restarting the computer, everything goes back to normal (backups will continue to be made with a low processing priority). So, if you want them to always be very fast, you have to run a script whenever the machine turns on.

To do this, follow the tutorial below:

  1. Enter the following command in Terminal:
sudo nano /Library/LaunchDaemons/nothrottle.plist
  1. If prompted, enter your OS X account password.
  2. You should now be seeing a Terminal document window, correct? Then copy and paste the following:
    Label nothrottle ProgramArguments  /usr/sbin/sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0  RunAtLoad   
  1. Now use the shortcut THE (key Control, no a Command!) and press the button Enter.
  2. Now, press the shortcut X.
  3. All right? Now type the following command in the Terminal window:
sudo chown root /Library/LaunchDaemons/nothrottle.plist;sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/nothrottle.plist

Okay, now whenever you restart your Mac one script make Time Machine backups faster, using more machine CPU.

In case you want to go back to the default settings, it's very simple. Just type the following command in Terminal:

sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/nothrottle.plist

Done? Restart the computer and that's it, everything goes back to the way it was before (slower backups, without prioritizing the CPU). 🙂


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