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Tusk, Refined Evernote Desktop Client

Are you using Evernote and would you like a Linux desktop client? Maybe your search has come to an end.

Evernote is a program for organizing various personal information, whether it's quick notes, lists, or whatever may be expressed in text. Its use is very common, both in mobile platforms, as desktop. Even though it's a paid service that many companies and professionals use, Evernote has a free version and if you want more options, it is worth investing in your subscription. Get your grades within reach at apps for smartphones, via web or desktop.


Linux does not currently have an official desktop client for EvernoteHowever, the community has developed an open source option with many features. If you want to use Evernote on Linux, on your desktop, being well served by several alternatives. In particular, I will demonstrate one of my favorites, an app called Tusk.

Evernote on Linux


Installing Tusk on Your Linux Distribution

You can use Tusk in different formats, for example: AppImage and Snap. The interesting thing about these new packaging formats is their compatibility with various systems. AppImage has the advantage of portability and version control (because you can simply continue using an older version) and Snap automatic updates. It is worth mentioning that both AppImage and Snap versions are maintained by the software developer himself. desktop-client-evernote-linux-tusk-appimage-snap-snapcraft-ubuntu-open-source

Command to install Tusk Snap via terminal:

sudo snap install tusk

If you want to remove the app:

sudo snap remove tusk

You can install different versions of Tusk, either in beta or release candidate. To do this add the parameter according to the desired option (–beta, –edge, –candidate), but be aware that in these cases bugs may appear. Below, I demonstrate how to install the beta version of the program.

sudo snap install tusk –beta

Remembering that the Ubuntu store (Gnome Software) has integration with Snaps (KDE Discover too), it is not required to install via Tusk terminal.

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