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Turn your smartphone into an electronic pedalboard and make music with this application

It's called Beats and Loops, it was developed by a Finnish company, and it can be a practical (and inexpensive) solution for those looking for a pedalboard. The app is available for iOS and Android and does exactly what it promises: turns your phone into a virtual pedalboard.

The app uses the smartphone's proximity sensor to enable interaction with the user. In practice, it is possible to start a beat or loop as soon as you approach the foot of the equipment. It goes without saying that it is convenient to place the phone on the floor and support the foot on the heel to avoid stepping on the display.

The proximity sensor normally used to deactivate the screen during calls, to prevent the user's face from pressing any option while the smartphone is touching the face. Kovaluu, the company responsible for the app, writes that the sensor can be used for other purposes, this product being a good example of this.

The app has 50 drum presets and other musical excerpts that can be used in your own musical compositions. You can still record music, loop it and continue creating over it. Kovaluu clarifies that the phone's microphone is enough to make these recordings which, according to the company, are automatically tuned to the beat.

In addition to these tools, the app also features a metronome and a tuner. Beats and Loops costs 4.09 euros for Android and 4.49 euros for iOS.